Full Council Minutes

Full Council consists of all fifteen Councillors.  Full Council is responsible for:

  • Appointing committees
  • Receiving reports of main committee meetings and providing all members with the opportunity to hold individual committees to account for their actions and consider any new standing orders
  • Determining major policy issues on recommendations of committees
  • Setting the annual precept
  • Employment issues

Council Minutes are publi


shed following their approval at the next meeting.



24th January Agenda Minutes

7th March Agenda Minutes

11th May  Agenda Minutes

20th June     Agenda Minutes

1st August AgendaMinutes

24th August AgendaMinutes

12th September Agenda

Meeting cancelled to observe the mourning period for HM the Queen

17th October        Agenda   Minutes

24th October        Agenda Minutes

12th December   Agenda Minutes





23rd January Agenda Minutes
13th March Agenda Minutes
10th May Agenda Minutes
19th June Agenda Minutes
31st July Agenda


18th September Agenda Minutes
30th October Agenda Minutes
11th December Agenda Minutes






 25th January  Agenda Minutes

22nd February  Agenda Minutes

22nd March Agenda Minutes

 26th April  Agenda Minutes

 24th May Agenda Minutes

 16th June Agenda Minutes

 29th June AgendaMinutes

12th July  AgendaDecisions

2nd August AgendaDecisions

6th September Agenda Minutes

27th September AgendaMinutes

 11th OctoberAgendaMinutes

 8th November AgendaMinutes

13th December Agenda Minutes



27th January Agenda Minutes

24th February AgendaMinutes

9th March AgendaMinutes

23rd March - Cancelled due to COVID 19

3rd June AgendaMinutes

6th July AgendaMinutes

3rd August AgendaMinutes

7th September AgendaMinutes

5th October AgendaMinutes

2nd November AgendaMinutes

30th November  AgendaMinutes

7th December AgendaMinutes





 21st JanuaryAgendaMinutes

18th FebruaryAgendaMinutes

25th MarchAgendaMinutes

8th MayAgendaMinutes

17th JuneAgendaMinutes

29th JulyAgendaMinutes

16th September Agenda Minutes

28th October Agenda Minutes

9th December Agenda Minutes


10th JanuaryAgendaMinutes

29th JanuaryAgenda Minutes

19th MarchAgendaMinutes

18th AprilAgenda Minutes

9th MayAgendaMinutes

18th JuneAgendaMinutes

30th JulyAgendaMinutes

17th SeptemberAgendaMinutes

22nd OctoberAgendaMinutes

3rd DecemberAgendaMinutes






30th JanuaryAgendaMinutes

13th MarchAgendaMinutes

10th MayAgendaMinutes

19th JuneAgendaMinutes

29th JuneAgendaMinutes

31st JulyAgendaMinutes

18th SeptemberAgendaMinutes

9th OctoberAgendaMinutes

30th OctoberAgendaMinutes

11th DecemberAgenda

18th DecemberAgendaMinutes


20th JanuaryAgendaMinutes

1st FebruaryAgendaMinutes

14th MarchAgendaMinutes

26th AprilAgendaMinutes

11th MayAgendaMinutes

20th JuneAgendaMinutes

25th JulyAgendaMinutes

22nd AugustAgendaMinutes

26th SeptemberAgendaMinutes

7th NovemberAgendaMinutes

5th DecemberAgendaMinutes






2nd FebruaryAgendaMinutes

16th MarchAgendaMinutes

30th MarchAgendaMinutes

13th MayAgendaMinutes

22nd JuneAgendaMinutes

1st JulyAgendaMinutes

27th JulyAgendaMinutes

28th SeptemberAgendaMinutes

9th NovemberAgendaMinutes


27th JanuaryAgendaMinutes

3rd FebruaryAgendaMinutes

19th FebruaryAgendaMinutes

17th MarchAgendaMinutes

14th MayAgendaMinutes

23rd JuneAgendaMinutes

28th JulyAgendaMinutes

29th SeptemberAgendaMinutes

24th NovemberAgendaMinutes

1st DecemberAgendaMinutes






9th JanuaryAgenda Minutes

4th February Agenda Minutes

28th February Agenda Minutes

18th March Agenda Minutes

17th April Agenda Minutes

29th AprilAgendaMinutes

15th May Agenda Minutes

30th May Agenda Minutes

13th JuneAgenda Minutes

17th June Agenda Minutes

8th July Agenda Minutes

10th JulyAgenda Minutes

23rd JulyAgenda Minutes

2nd September Agenda Minutes

14th OctoberAgenda Minutes

25th OctoberAgenda Minutes

25th NovemberAgenda Minutes

4th DecemberAgenda Minutes


30th JanuaryAgenda Minutes

6th FebruaryAgenda Minutes

27th FebruaryAgenda Minutes

19th MarchAgenda Minutes

2nd AprilAgenda Minutes

9th MayAgenda Minutes

28th MayAgenda Minutes

25th JuneAgenda Minutes

9th JulyAgenda Minutes

16th JulyAgenda Minutes

31st JulyAgenda Minutes

3rd SeptemberAgenda Minutes

12th SeptemberAgenda Minutes

15th OctoberAgenda Minutes

19th NovemberAgenda Minutes






31st JanuaryAgenda Minutes

23rd FebruaryAgenda Minutes

14th MarchAgenda Minutes

28th MarchAgenda Minutes

18th AprilAgenda Minutes

9th MayAgenda Minutes

18th MayAgenda Minutes

27th JuneMinutes

11th JulyAgenda Minutes

8th AugustAgenda Minutes

5th SeptemberAgenda Minutes

10th OctoberAgenda Minutes

23rd November Agenda Minutes

5th DecemberAgenda Minutes


4th JanuaryAgenda Minutes

8th FebruaryAgenda Minutes

15th MarchAgenda Minutes

17th MarchAgenda

26th AprilAgenda Minutes

26th May Agenda Minutes

7th June Agenda Minutes

14th June Agenda Minutes

30th June Agenda Minutes

26th JulyAgenda Minutes

27th SeptemberAgenda Minutes

22nd NovemberAgenda Minutes






16th JanuaryAgenda Minutes

26th JanuaryAgenda Minutes

9th FebruaryAgenda

9th MarchAgenda Minutes

16th MarchAgenda Minutes

27th MarchAgenda Minutes

27th AprilAgenda Minutes

13th May Minutes

22nd JuneAgenda Minutes

27th JulyAgenda Minutes

5th August Agenda Minutes

28th SeptemberAgenda Minutes

9th November Agenda Minutes


2nd January Agenda Minutes

28th JanuaryAgenda Minutes

7th FebruaryAgenda Minutes

31st MarchAgenda Minutes

12th MayAgenda Minutes

21st MayAgenda Minutes

28th JulyAgenda Minutes

21st August Agenda Minutes

27th OctoberAgenda Minutes

13th November Agenda Minutes