Council & Committee Meetings

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Council and Committee Meeting dates for 2024 


Climate Action Sub-Comittee 4th January 09:30AM The Guildhall
Representational 9th January 7:00PM The Guildhall
Services 10th January 7:00PM The Guildhall
Policy & Finance 15th January 7:00PM The Guildhall
Full Council 22nd January 7:00PM The Guildhall


6th February 7:00PM The Guildhall
Climate Action Sub-Comittee 15th February 09:30AM The Guildhall
Services 21st February 7:00PM The Guildhall
Policy & Finance 26th February 7:00PM The Guildhall
Full Council 4th March 7:00PM The Guildhall
Representational 5th March 7:00PM The Guildhall
Staffing Committee 12th March 09:30AM The Guidhall
Climate Action Sub-Comittee 28th March 09:30AM The Guildhall
Representational 9th April 7:00PM The Guildhall
Services 10th April 7:00PM The Guidhall
Policy & Finance 15th April 7:00PM The Guidhall
Annual Town Meeting 29th April 7:00PM The Guildhall
Mayfair Service 5th May TBC Mayfair
Representational 7th May 7:00PM The Guidhall
Annual General Meeting 8th May 7:00PM TBC
Mayor Making 22nd May TBC St Laurences Church
Representational 4th June 7:00PM The Guidhall
Services 5th June 7:00PM The Guidhall
Policy & Finance 10th June 7:00PM The Guidhall
Full Council 17th June 7:00PM The Guidhall
Mayors Sunday 23rd June TBC St Laurences Church



Agendas and Minutes of defunct Committees and Working Groups are available from the Town Council offices by appointment.