Policy and Finance Committee

Policy and Finance Committee's duties include advising Council on its corporate policies and strategies, budget proposals and precept, Councillor allowances; to be responsible for all aspects of the financial administration of the Council including arrangements for the preparation of the accounts, audit of accounts and for ensuring preparation of and compliance with Financial Regulations. The Committee also takes responsibility for the Town Plan, determination of applications for grant aid, fees and charges for services, subscriptions to be paid by the Council, management and development of CCTV, advising the Council on Standing Orders in respect to the Conduct of Meetings, Code of Conduct for members and all similar documentation relating to the overall administration of the Council’s affairs. To advise the Council on responses to be made to Shropshire Council corporate plans and policies, the strategy for Shropshire Council, the structure of Local Government, including proposals for Regional Government and all other consultation documents where responsibility for responding is not otherwise allocated to another Committee. To be responsible for authorising legal proceedings in relation to contentious matters, subject to the likely costs associated therewith being included within the Council’s budget.

The committees full terms of reference can be found in the link below. 

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