Ludlow Community Led Plan

The Shaping of Ludlow’s new Town Plan

The analysis of the Ludlow-wide household survey conducted earlier in the summer has just been released.  It makes interesting reading – and gives some clear ideas on what is wanted in Ludlow over the next five years. 

Councillor Erica Garner, who is leading the Community Plan, is excited at the prospects for the town.  “Some of the ideas are more easily and quickly achieved,” she said, “while some take a longer-term view.  The ideas come from the community and the whole purpose of the Community Led Plan is that it is the voice of the community which will shape our beautiful town.”

There will be three public meetings held in September where the survey results will be shared and initial discussions will start to investigate how key projects can be delivered.  Anyone who expressed an interest in being kept informed of the development of a new Town Plan will be invited as will people and local groups who wish to be actively involved in developing the Town Plan.

There are two meetings taking place on Wednesday 12th September, 3.00 pm and 6.30 pm at the Ludlow Methodist Church, Broad Street.

The third meeting will be on Thursday 13th September, 7.00 pm at the Elim Church, Smithfield Car Park in Lower Galdeford.

For more information contact Erica Garner on 07974001310

Thank you to everyone who took the opportunity to make their views known. 

We are now collating all the responses and will provides updates on the progress of the draft Community Led Plan for Ludlow in due course.

Thank you again. 

For further information, please contact

Councillor Erica Garner: 07974 001310

All questionnaires returned by the deadline will be entered into a prize draw. 


A new Ludlow Community Led Plan is being developed


Ludlow’s residents and businesses are going to have the opportunity to shape the future of their town and have a say in how it operates for the next five years under the new Community-Led Plan!

During February and March a questionnaire will be delivered to every household and business across the seven council wards asking Ludlow’s people what they think works for their Ludlow now and what they think needs to happen to keep it working into 2023 …. and beyond!

This questionnaire reflects and builds on comments received in response to an initial survey conducted at the end of last year. It asks about the needs of young people and the elderly, housing, transport, parking, shopping, tourism, economic development and the environment – all vital to the sustainability of the Ludlow we all know and love.

The questionnaire can be completed either on- line via the Ludlow Town Council website or fill in a paper copy. To keep costs down to an absolute minimum the questionnaire can be posted in over 20 locations throughout the town.

The Community-Led Plan is initiated by Ludlow Town Council but the important voices are those from Ludlow’s community and it is those voices which will help to shape Ludlow’s future.

So … watch out for that questionnaire….. and make sure your ideas get put into Ludlow’s plan for the future!

If you are interested in how to get involved in shaping a vision for Ludlow please contact Chair of the Ludlow Community Led Plan Steering Group, Erica Garner at:  or a member of the steering group on 07974001310 to find out more about this exciting initiative.

Ludlow Place Plan

Shropshire Council have produced LudLow and Surrounding Area Place Plan.The Place Plan for Ludlow and its surrounding area summarises the infrastructure and investment requirements needed to deliver the community vision and aspirations for Ludlow, its Community Hubs, Clusters and surrounding Rural Hinterland.


Click to download a copy of the Ludlow Place Plan:


Annual Report

Every year the Council produces an Annual report on it work within Ludlow over the past year. This report is initially presented at the Annual Town Residents Meeting at the end of April each year.

Previous years reports are available below.

Annual Report 2018 - 19Annual Report 2017 - 18Annual Report 2016 - 17

Annual Report 2015 - 16Annual Report 2014 - 15Annual Report 2013 - 14

Annual Report 2012 - 13Annual Report 2011 - 12Annual Report 2010 - 11

Annual Report 2009 - 10