Town and Parish Councils  are legally entitled to take responsibility for a wide range of local services, although actual services provided are largely dependant on the size of the Town Council and budget available. 

Local services for the local community

Ludlow Museum at the Buttercross opened on 12 August 2016. 
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Ludlow Town Council is responsible for making land available, where practiable, for allotments. There are currently two allotment sites in Ludlow at Wigleys Field and Lower Mill Street. Both are run by independant allotment associations.
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Amenity Area
There are twelve areas of public open space provided and maintained by Ludlow Town Council and the Council's Direct Labour Force. These range from small areas of green space for the benefit of residents, to floral gardens and large play areas with play equipment. Major recreation areas include the Linney Riverside Park and Wheeler Road Play Area, Football Pitch and Skate Park.
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Christmas Lights
Ludlow Town Centre Christmas lights are provided and put up each year by the Town Council. The lights are switched on by the Mayor at 5:00pm on the last Saturday in November. The lights were changed to low energy LED in 2010 and are being extended and improved each year.

Civic Events
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Ludlow Town Council also produces a quaterley print & digitial newsletter, the Buttercross Bulletin.
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The Town Council publishes the Ludlow Calendar of Events. Link to publications page

The Town Council is able to assist local organisations to contribute to community objectives by giving appropriate grants. Link to Grants Page

Henley Road Cemetery, Ludlow
Ludlow Town Council is responsible for management of Henley Road Cemetery. The cemetery dates from 1914 and public records are available on request . The cemetery is open for new burials, although Councillors are currently considering a project to extend the area availalble for new graves because it already contains over 2000 burials and cremated remains. Link to cemetery page

Ludlow Market
Is a thriving and popular venue hosting traders selling a wide variety of everyday goods, local produce, plants, books and antiques. Link to Market Section

Memorial Benches 
Ludlow Town Council receives occasional requests from families who would like to commemorate a loved one in a practical and public way with a bench and/or memorial plaque.  Benches also provide a service to the wider community offering a chance for rest, and if the location permits, quiet reflection. The Council currently has benches in several locations throughout the town, including Castle Gardens, St Johns Road, the Linney Riverside Park and Henley Road Cemetery and will make every effort to accommodate memorial bench requests where possible.
For further details regarding memorial benches, relevant charges and the application process, please click here to view the policy.

Planning Applications
Ludlow Town Council is a statutory consultee on planning matters relating to Ludlow. The Town Council makes its views known to Shropshire Council, who are the authority responsible for granting or refusing planning applications and enforcing building control. Shropshire Council can be contacted on 0345 678 9000. Link to Representational Committee

Public Toilets
The Council provides and maintains four toilet blocks across the Town. Link to Public Toilets page

Street Trading
Ludlow Town Council is the street trading authority in Ludlow. Link to Street Trading Page

Annual Project
Each year Ludlow Town Council undertakes a range of ongoing and new projects.  Link to projects update

'is a living document that will be reviewed twice a year' Link to Town Plan page

Policy & Budgets
Creating Policy & Budgets for Council Services and listening to and representing the views of the local community. Including involvement with a wide range of local organisations, both by direct representation and by responding to consultation papers from Shropshire Council. Link to Data Transparency. Link to Docuemnts, Link to Policy & Finance Committee

Community Led Plan
Ludlow Now ... Ludlow Next

Ludlow's residents and businesses are going to have the opportunity to shape the future of their town and have a say in how it operates for the next five years under the new Community Led Plan



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