21st May 1997

Mrs Dorethy Jefferey - For her services to the Access Group and St Laurence's Church Trust

Mrs Margaret Jones - For her services to Ludlow Festival, the Royal British Legion and Royal Air Force Association

15th May 1996

Councillor John Morris - For his service to the Council and the Community (full award in MM book)

Mr Stan Jones - for his services to the Council, the community and in particular for his achievements in relation to the restoration of the Assembly Rooms

17th May 1995

Mr Ivor Jones - For his services to the Boxing Club, St Laurence's Church and the Community

Mrs Muriel Harvey for her services to many aspect of Town life and St Laurence's Church

Mr H Watkins - for his services to teh Community, the Hospital League of Friends and St Laurence's Church

10th May 1994

Miss Evelyn Whysall - For work with the Spastic and Handicapped Society Group in Ludlow for over 39 years

Mr Cyril Martin - For his fundraising for Ludlow Hospital mainly through the 10 miles sponsored walk he organises each year

12th May 1993

Mrs Mary Williams - work within the community

David Lloyd - ex town Councillor, District and County Councillor in recognition of his outstanding services in local government and other projects connected with the town of Ludlow


Harry Peachey

17th May 1989

Mr John Norton MBE - Councillor William Hyde