Staff at Ludlow Town Council

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Town Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer 
Gina Wilding 
Email: | Mon - Fri 

Deputy Town Clerk
Kate Adams
Email: | Tues - Sat 

Administration / Reception

Senior Admin Assistant
Naomi Brotherton
Email: | Mon - Thurs 

Admin / Reception
Jill Rose
Email: | Mon/Thurs/Fri 

Louise Coles
Email: | Tues/Wed


Cemetery Officer
Charlie Ambrazas
Email: | Mon - Fri 


Senior Finance Assistant
Lucy Jones
Email: | Wed - Fri

Finance Assistant
Julie Cox
Email: | Mon/Wed/Thurs 


Market Officer
Tony Caton
Email: | Mon/Wed - Sat 

Marketing & Communications

Marketing & Communications Officer
Esther Gittoes
Email: | Mon - Fri 


Direct labour force


Direct Labour Force Supervisor
Mark Hilton
Email: | Mon - Fri 

Assistant Groundsperson / Market Officer
Andy Locke

Assistant Groundsperson
Dan Griffiths

Assistant Groundsperson
Kevin Pugh

Assistant Groundsperson
Robert Breakwell

Public Facilities Operative

Sylvia Bownes | Sun - Wed 

Alex Brown | Thurs - Sat


Ludlow museum at the buttercross


Museum Assistant
Francesca Bingham

Petra Bindloss


Councillors and Officers - Who Does What?

Both Councillors and Officers work in service of the public and are indispensable to one another, but their responsibilities are distinct.

Councillors are responsible to the electorate and serve for the duration of their term of office. They are empowered to make decisions and approve budgets as a Council. A minimum of one-third of all councillors must be present at a scheduled meeting to legally make decisions.  However, individual councillors are not permitted to direct officers or make financial decisions.

The Council employs all staff to provide a full range of services and carry out Council and committee resolutions.  Council officers are led by the Town Clerk, who advises councillors and the Council.

Direct Labour Force (DLF)

Ludlow Town Council's Direct Labour Force (DLF) are based at the Depot at Henley Road Cemetery.  They carry out the maintenance, grass-cutting strimming and regular inspections of the Cemetery, and several amenity areas including Wheeler Road Skate Park, Castle Gardens and Linney Riverside Park, inspect play areas, and caretake properties owned by Town Council.

Further duties include putting up banners to advertise festival and cultural events, erecting Christmas lights, maintaining the market area in the centre of town; and cleaning and maintaining of the Council's machinery and vehicles. 

The Council also employs a full-time Market Manager to organise markets, collect rent, advertise the market, and implement the Council's policies.