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Ludlow Tower Street Post Office

Ludlow’s Post Office update!

Updated statement from Ludlow Town Council. 05/04/24 |16:30 pm

If the statement means that the services currently provided by Tower Street Post Office will not be diminished, then Ludlow Town Council is reassured. This is excellent news for Ludlow.  


Update Received. 05/04/24 | 14:30 pm

A One Stop spokesperson said: “We want to reassure customers that the Ludlow Tower Post Office inside the One Stop store is not closing. Working together with the Post Office, the format will change, bringing the Post Office counter closer to the till and making better use of retail space to enhance store operations.  
Our banking, billing, postal and travel services will remain. We have made these changes to ensure we are becoming more efficient due to evolving customer needs. Customers may also be pleased to hear that the opening hours of our Post Offices services will extend significantly – the new hours will be Monday to Sunday 8am until 8pm once the conversion has completed this Spring.”


Article Published: 28/03/24

In two months time, Tesco is planning to close the busy post office in their One-Stop shop on Tower Street, Ludlow.   

The town centre post office is Ludlow’s main post office and the closure would be a major blow to the local economy and to the services which many people rely on. 

It is a busy Post Office and an important place for the local residents and businesses.  It provides vital services including access to pensions, banking services for residents and businesses, access to forms for passports and other services for people who are not online, holiday cash, and dispatch of parcels for residents and businesses.   

Ludlow’s Tower Street Post Office is a vital community service.  The reason behind Tesco’s decision to close is unknown but, the impact on the people of Ludlow will be devastating. 

Ludlow needs a town centre post office - and One Stop is a great location.  

Ludlow’s Post Office must be saved!

Act now.  Get in touch with local MP Philip Dunne - philip.dunne.mp@parliament.uk 

Let Tesco know that Ludlow’s Tower Street Post Office must stay open.  
Contact their CEO, Matthew Barnes,

Tesco House, Shire Park, Kestrel Way, Welwyn Garden City, United Kingdom, AL7 1GA Matthew.Barnes@uk.tesco.com

April 5th 2024

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