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Preparation for the Budget 2024 / 25

Ludlow Town Council sets an annual budget in support of the local services and projects it undertakes.    


The Service and activities undertaken in the community are guided by the Council’s vision and aims and objectives. 

Council’s Vision

The Town Council’s Vision for Ludlow is of a successful and vibrant town, where people want to live, work, and visit.

Council’s Aims and Objectives

Ludlow Town Council aims to improve the quality of life for the residents of Ludlow by:

  • Engaging in an open dialogue with the residents of Ludlow to better understand their needs and, in turn, explain how we will address those needs within the resources and powers of the Council.
  • Helping to create a socially inclusive and caring community which embraces all its residents, irrespective of age, gender, sexual orientation, culture, income, race, or religion and which seeks to develop their wellbeing, knowledge, understanding and mutual co-operation.
  • Providing a democratic, representational voice for the Ludlow community.
  • Preserving and enhancing the traditions, character, heritage, and unique identity of the town.
  • Promoting Ludlow as a clean, safe, welcoming, and prosperous town for all.
  • Providing high-standard and cost-effective services.
  • Becoming a better employer through continued valuing and development of employees, thereby encouraging personal responsibility, and stimulating innovation, all for the betterment of the town.
  •  Working in partnership with others to achieve more for Ludlow.

In 2023 / 24, Ludlow Town Council has delivered local services, undertaking projects and partnership working in support of the community of Ludlow. 

There have been highlights and challenges to the year. 

Climate Action

In October 2023, the Council has leased hire two fully electric vans for transporting staff and equipment to all the council’s sites in Ludlow.  The e-vans have reduced environmental impact in terms of energy consumption, and production of greenhouse gases. 

Open spaces

Sidney Road Town Green is a Town Council open space located outside the town centre. 

Bus Shelter

A new bus shelter will be installed at the stop on Sheet Road by Sidney Road Town Green

Christmas Lights

The council explained the limited budget for Ludlow’s Christmas lights, and this was met with support from the community.  The market square tree was supplied by local businesses, and the new snowflake motifs are part funded by local businesses. 

The town council’s workforce put up the town lights and motifs in Tower Street, Rickards Passage, Covre Street, Bull Ring, King Street, High Street, top of Broad Street, Quality, Market Square, Events Square, and Castle Gardens. 

Community Support

The Council worked with Ludlow Chamber of Commerce and Ludlow Castle to deliver a successful King's Coronation Celebration in May 2023.

The Council wrote a letter in support of Ludlow’s Bathing Water Status in September 2023.

The Council worked in collaboration with many other local community organisations to deliver a successful Ludlow Winter Festival in November 2023.

Ludlow Mayfair

In May 2023, the Town Council were delighted to present a certificate of appreciation of Mr. & Mrs. Wynn for bringing the Mayfair to Ludlow for many fun-filled years.   The town council was very saddened to learn of the passing of Mr. Wynn in July 2023. 

Play Areas

The Council is delighted that all the council’s play areas are well used.  Safety is a primary concern, and all play areas are inspected weekly and undergo an annual inspection by an external safety agency. There is an ongoing program of repairs.  

Town Council run public conveniences are located at Smithfield, The Linney, and Castle Street.  The council repaired the paved area outside the Linney toilets in September.  There have been issues with the all-in-one sink, soap, and hand dryer units at Castle Street toilets.  These were replaced with more conventional units in November 2023. 




The Council’s annual budget enables the employment of nineteen full and part-time staff and their work for the continuation of local services & facilities including:

  • Ludlow Market, www.ludlowmarket.co.uk
  • Street Trading in Ludlow,
  • Ludlow Museum at the Buttercross, www.ludlowmuseum.co.uk
  • Henley Road Cemetery – burial services and grounds maintenance,
  • The Linney Riverside Park, play area, recreation area, jetty, car park, & public toilets,
  • Riverside Life Buoys and Throw Lines,
  • Wheeler Road Skate Park, fenced ball games area, smaller children’s play area & Ludlow Boxing Club building,
  • Houseman Crescent Play Area,
  • Castle Gardens,
  • St John’s Gardens,
  • Sidney Road Town Green,
  • Town Centre Public Toilets at Castle Street and Smithfield,
  • Town Centre benches,
  • Bus shelters,
  • Ludlow Mayfair,
  • Town Centre CCTV,
  • Community grants,
  • Ludlow Calendar of Events leaflet,
  • Public Meetings,
  • Christmas Lights,
  • Community and Civic Events – Remembrance Sunday with local partners, Mayor Making, Mayor’s Sunday, Christmas Lights Switch-On as part of Ludlow Winter Festival, and Senior Citizen’s Christmas Party,
  • Planning Consultee – making local representations to Shropshire Council,
  • Projects,
  • The Guildhall Office in person reception and admin services,
  • Community information on Websites, Newsletter, and social media,  www.ludlow.gov.uk

Fees Income

The Council charges service users’ fees for some council services including: market trading, street trading, burials, public toilets at Castle Street, parking at the Linney, adult entry to Ludlow Museum at the Buttercross.  The council has recently agreed not to increase the fees in 2024 / 25. 

Precept Income

The fees provide an income that reduces the amount the council raises through the Council tax.  The Council is committed to a prudent increase to the precept. 

Earmarked Reserves

The council is responsible for the upkeep of local buildings including, the grade I listed Guildhall, the grade I listed Buttercross, public toilets, and the vehicles and machinery required for upkeep of outside areas.   The Council has earmarked reserves to support these facilities and activities. 

Council Tax Base

As yet the council tax base figure in unknown.  It is the number of Council tax-paying households in Ludlow as calculated by Shropshire Council. 

Estimated increase in Council tax

The final budget is not set until the council tax base figure is known. However, the initial figure is estimated to be an increase of £13.00 per year, which would be an increase of 25p per week. 

The final budget and precept figures will be agreed by Full Council in January 2024.

December 15th 2023

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