We'd like to share your stories about the wonderful ways you feel connected to Ludlow. Is Ludlow the place where you found your heart's desire... tied the knot... or made life-long friends...

There's lots of reasons to love Ludlow, please get in touch and share your story - send an email with a photograph to assistant@ludlow.gov.uk - we'd love to hear from you!

After reading an article by Simon Hoggart extolling the virtues of Shropshire generally we were reminded of a long-remembered article about Ludlow and 'slow food'.

So, we decided to check it out for ourselves. We loved it so much, that a year later we've bought a house and plan to move from Devon to lovely Ludlow!

We love... The individual shops, the markets, the clean streets, the beautiful countryside just waiting to be explored, relatively quiet, traffic free roads (unlike Devon!) helpful, friendly people, the wonderful cafes, food and beer....and, and, and....

Wendy and Steve from Devon

Wendy and Steve

Yes, I know, we only spent 24 hours in the town but how we loved it.

Easy parking in town, clean toilets, lovely shops, wonderful atmosphere, loads of history - all things that make a stay memorable for us.

We enjoyed meeting Floyd, the chef, another friendly couple, and of course the super Town Clerk!

Our famous pies were great and lunch the next day in The Olive Branch was delicious!

Ludlow: - you're doing it right...thank you! We'll be back!

Angie & Phil from the Forest of Dean

Angie and Phil

Ken & Jane Thomas have a special connection to Ludlow. They recently returned to Ludlow for their Sapphire wedding anniversary - celebrating 45 years of married life together.

Back in 1965, they spent their honeymoon at The Angel Hotel in Broad Street, and had hoped to stay there once again, but sadly it is no longer a hotel. However, they still enjoyed a lovely stay in the heart of Ludlow and were able tell their romantic story while dining at The Church Inn.

Ken and Jane

This lovely couple have been together 40 years and spent the first night of their married life at Onny Cottage.

They said 'Ludlow Is very special to us'.

Couple in Ludlow

Elizabeth & Peter Jordon (pictured in St Laurence's Church Ludlow) choose Ludlow to celebrate their 40th Wedding Anniversary.

They stayed at the Feathers Hotel, Corve Street and were delighted to witness the Civic splender of Mayor's Sunday at St Laurence's Church followed by the events of the Conservation Weekend.

Elizabeth and Peter

Compliment of the day shared by Shropshire Council

We recently visited Ludlow and were very impressed with the 'Park & Ride'. We thought how reasonable the bus fare was, and how efficient and couteoaus the driver was. This experience encouraged us to stay the day in the town, using cafes and spending money in local shops. We also found the Tourist imformation informativeand helpful.