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Ludlow Town Council Plan Tree Maintenance Schedule

Ludlow Town Council is inviting tenders to develop a tree maintenance inspection and works schedule for all of its sites throughout the town.

The work will be undertaken in three phases: mapping all of the Town Council trees, conducting a tree audit and an inspection of each tree.

This will allow a prioritised schedule of works to be created for all Town Council owned sites.


Ludlow’s Mayor, Councillor Tim Gill, said “I encourage all companies with this expertise to tender for this work. It is an exciting project to prioritise the maintenance of trees on the town’s amenity areas that Ludlow Town Council are responsible for. ”


For further information please click here, or call 01584 871970.  

Anyone wishing to apply must complete a quotation on the specified form and it must have been received at the Guildhall, Mill Street by 4.30pm on 26th February 2021.


Contact: Kate Adams, Deputy Town Clerk, Ludlow Town Council

T: 01584 871 970

E: kate.adams@ludlow.gov.uk


January 21st 2021

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