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Ludlow is Bloomin' lovely

Ludlow Celebrates Gold Win at the Heart of England in Bloom Awards 2023

Cllr Viv Parry with the Ludlow in Bloom award

Ludlow Town Council is happy to announce that Ludlow in Bloom has been awarded Gold in the category Town at the Heart of England in Bloom Awards 2023. Despite not participating in the competition last year, the dedication of local volunteer groups, schools and businesses has once again transformed Ludlow into a blooming paradise.

The Heart of England in Bloom judges who visited Ludlow on the 10th of July were treated to a tour of the small market town. The 2023 display that included bright colours to represent Pride and Coronation-inspired showstoppers dazzled the judges, who were highly impressed by the collective effort of the community.

Chair of Ludlow in Bloom, Councillor Viv Parry expressed her delight with the results achieved by Ludlow in Bloom. She remarked, "This achievement is a testament to the commitment and passion of our volunteers and staff at Ludlow Town Council. Their efforts have not only beautified our town but also fostered a sense of pride and unity among our residents."

Ludlow in Bloom, which commenced its journey in 2011, has consistently strived to enhance the aesthetic appeal of Ludlow. This year, despite facing various challenges the community came together to win gold.

Mayor of Ludlow, Councillor Glenn Ginger said; “The success of Ludlow in Bloom would not be possible without the invaluable contributions from volunteers, local groups, and the dedication of the Chair of Ludlow in Bloom, Viv Parry”.

Ludlow in Bloom’s hard work has not only brought home the Gold award but has also highlighted Ludlow's status as a town that values its natural beauty and community spirit.

October 10th 2023

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