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Christmas Light's Consultation Results

In April, Ludlow Town Council launched our online Christmas lights consultation where we received just under 400 responses.  

A big thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the survey, we received an overwhelming amount of feedback, and we look forward to continuing this constructive conversation for future proposals.

We will present the consultation results at our next full council meeting on the 19th June, and the council will consider offers of support and options for Ludlow’s Christmas lights.

The options that the council considers will be informed by the results from the survey.       

  • Just under 50% of people want to keep the Christmas lights the same as last year and just over 50% said that they would not.
  • Over 86% of people prefer a real tree rather than a reusable tree.
  • The majority of people prefer warm white coloured lights and over 81% were not aware before the survey of the costs involved.

We received some great ideas and positive responses from our open-type questions about what residents would like to see and would not like to see for the annual Christmas lights. This feedback is valuable in delivering an event that the residents of Ludlow can be proud of.

We've been delighted with the responses and feedback we're received from individuals and businesses, including offers of contributions and donations. Collectively with local businesses and residents, we can make this another great community event.


The minutes of the next full council meeting on the 19th of June will be available to view online. 

June 5th 2023

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