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#NoMowMay to boost Ludlow’s wildlife

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As part of Ludlow Town Council’s climate awareness action, the Council are taking part in ‘No Mow May’ at several of its sites from 1st of May.

The campaign aims to encourage garden owners and green space managers to liberate their lawns and encourage a feast for pollinators.  The council hopes to provide space for nature and a much-needed boost for the local wildlife.    

The sites include areas of space at Linney riverside park, Weyman Road and several grassed areas at Henley Orchards.

All sites will have posters displayed to make it clear that the grass hasn’t simply been forgotten and local residents will be notified.

Chair of Ludlow Town Council Climate Action Sub-Committee, Councillor Diane Lyle commented;

"No Mow May is an annual initiative to protect and boost the struggling populations of pollinators, such as bees, predominantly, but also butterflies and hoverflies. Several areas of grass that we maintain are being included as part of this year’s campaign.

We hope it might encourage others to allow their lawns to grow longer at home, and maybe introduce wild areas to provide habitats for insects.”


Find out more and join the #NoMowMay campaign.

April 19th 2023

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