It’s time for #ActiveAdvent20 – a calendar of 24 days of different activities, starting on December 1st, with something for everyone.

From dancing and HIIT workouts, to stretching, breathing exercises and sit to stands. The idea is there should be something to motivate everyone to try an activity… and hopefully carry on in the New Year.

And we have done all the work for you.

Please follow this link https://www.energizestw.org.uk/active-advent-20 and you will find:

• The full 24 day Advent Calendar with clickable links to all the free resources *
• Sample social media posts so you can share with your members
• All the image files for your social media or website

So please have a look and share with everyone you can.

All we ask is that you use the hashtags #ActiveAdvent20 and #PoweredByEnergize

*All resources are from the Sport England Autumn & Winter Toolkit.

December 7th 2020

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