Henley Road Cemetery

Henley Road Cemetery was first opened in 1914 by the Mayor,
Aldermen and Burgesses of the Borough of Ludlow.

When Ludlow Borough Council ceased to exist in 1967
the Cemetery was passed to Ludlow Rural District Council
and thereafter to South Shropshire District Council.

On the 1st April 1987 Henley Road Cemetery
was transferred to Ludlow Town Council to be owned
and managed locally for the benefit of the people of Ludlow.

Please note the Cemetery gates are locked
at 8pm every evening.


In order to permit ease of maintenance, and future grass-cutting operations, nothing may be placed on the grassed area of the grave, except at the time of the funeral.

When the funeral flowers have been removed no other grave ornaments are permitted on the grave.


Cemetery Records

Information on the Cemetery is held within the Cemetery Registers, which are hand written records of burials from the Cemetery's opening in 1914 through to today. Each burial plot has its own record including grave purchaser, address and price at date of purchase; burials interred, date of burial and age of deceased. Members of the public are welcome to view the Cemetery Registers at The Guildhall, Mill Street, Ludlow by appointment with the Cemetery Officer, who can also provide assistance in locating burials.

Some of the oldest registers were recently restored to ensure their continued availability to the Council and public as working documents and reference material. 


Cemetery Layout

The Cemetery is made up of multiple areas, divided by paths, which include areas dedicated to different denominations, cremated remains plots and a babies memorial area, which is commemorated by a hand carved stone memorial.

Please note that DOGS ARE NOT PERMITTED in the Cemetery Grounds 


Henley Road Chapel

In the centre of the Cemetery we have a small Chapel, that is avaliable for funerals, memorials and all other types of service. 

In order to preserve the tranquil feel of the chapel setting as a place where the memory of a person's loved ones can be treasured, visitors to the chapel are asked to adhere to a few basic guidelines which can be found in the Links at the bottom of the page.















Henley Road Cemetery Leaflet 


For all Cemetery enquries please contact

Charlie our Cemetery Officer on












 Henley Road Cemetery leaflets are avaliable online click here 

or from our offices on Mill Street Ludlow 


 Please note that

DOGS ARE NOT PERMITTED in the Cemetery Grounds




War Grave Commission

Ludlow has ten war graves at Henley Road Cemetery (known as Henley New Cemetery).

The condition of the graves are inspected on a three year cycle, the next being due in 2021. The graves are also cleaned by a maintenance team on a two year cycle – the next visit is due during 2021. For more information on Henley Road Cemetary War Graves please click the link below.

Press Here

 Henley Road CemetEry