Ludlow Town Council Consultations

The Town Council is a first-tier local authority, and an ongoing dialogue with local residents is important
.  Consultations are a useful way to get feedback from the local community.

Setting the 2022 / 23 Budget

Budget Statement relating to April 2021 to March 2022  

Ludlow Town Council sets an annual budget for local services and projects each year. 

Ludlow Town Council’s budget income is consists of:

·         expected income from fees. 

·         a precept (received in April from the Council Tax)

Public Funding in 2021 / 22

·         The precept in 2020 / 21 was set at £644,484.00

·         In 2021/ 22 the increase was £10.37 per year, which is a weekly increase of 20p.   The Band D Council Tax is £184.64 per year. 

Summary of Service Delivery in 2021/22

At the time of writing, we are at the six-month point in the financial year 2021 / 22. 

·         Sadly, the Mayfair was not able to take place in 2021.

·          Ludlow Market re-open on 17 May 2021.

·         Street trading re-open from 17 May 2021.

·          Ludlow Museum at the Buttercross re-open in July 2021. 

·         Ludlow’s public toilets remained open throughout the pandemic.

·         Public Areas at Castle Gardens, St John’s Gardens, Henley Road Cemetery, The Liney Riverside park, Wheeler Road Skate Park and Recreation Area,  Houseman Crescent Play Area have bene maintained throughout the year.  

·         The Grounds Team are short staffed on 2021, and have made as many time efficiency savings as possible, but there has been a backlog of work.

·         The Admin Team are also short staffed, and have also made as many time efficiency savings as possible, but there has been a backlog of work. 

·         Shropshire Council (SC) have government Welcome Back funding and the Town Council are working with SC on agreed activities – Christmas lights, trees and public realm improvements for Ludlow. 

·         Short staffing means that contractors are required to put up Ludlow’s Christmas Lights in 2021 / 22.   

·         The preliminary investigations to the Town Walls are concluding, and cost of the repair (once known) will need to be planned for in the budget. 

·         Remembrance Sunday will take place in 2021.

·         The Christmas Lights Switch-On will return in 2012.

·         The Senior Citizens Goodie Bags will be distributed to 200 local residents in 2021. 

·         The precept was received in full in April 2021. 

·         Ludlow market has been trading six days a week since 17 May 2021. 

o   There were Tuesday markets in August,

o   There will be Tuesday markets in December,

o   And in these months the market traded seven days a week.   

o   The excellent footfall and great trading conditions may be because overseas travel was not possible, or was much more difficult than normal.  This situation may not be repeated next year. 

·         Ludlow Museum at the Buttercross. The Friends of Ludlow Museum enabled the Town council to offer free entry until October – which has had a positive impact on donations and gift sales.  

·         Castle Street toilets have been well used, and whilst the income does not cover the outgoings – it helps to reduce costs to the taxpayer.  

·         Residential Property – Ludlow Town Council has one residential property on long-term lease. The income has remained stable.

·         Commercial Property - Ludlow Town Council has one commercial property on long-term lease.  The income has remained stable.

·         Henley Road Cemetery – Maintenance continued all year, and the income from burials is naturally variable.   

·         Parking at the Linney – The Linney Car Park is located on a flood plain and therefore it is not available all the year, and a tarmac surface is not permitted.  However, it is a useful parking resource for the town and income levels returned to the normal in 2021 / 22.

External Budget Changes in 2021 / 22

·         The government has stopped charging business rates for public conveniences.  This will result in an annual budget saving of £4,653.00.  This money will be a valuable resource to maintain and improve Ludlow’s three public toilet blocks at Castle Street car park, Smithfield car park, and the Linney Riverside Park.

Budget Setting Priorities in 2022 / 23

Ludlow Town Council is committed to the following guiding principles:

To safeguard local services.
To be mindful of the detrimental economic impact of Covid-19 when setting the precept.
To set a sustainable budget for 2022 / 23.
To set a reasonable and workable timetable to facilitate the projects delayed in 2022 / 23.
To set a three year budget trajectory for financial sustainability and resilience.

Outline of Identified Priority Projects for 2022 / 23

·         Staffing Structure Review

·         Town Walls Rebuild

The preliminary investigations to the Town Walls are concluding, and cost of the repair (once known) will need to be planned for in the budget. 

·         Extension of Henley Road Cemetery

·         CCTV Phase II

·         Town Green

·         Taking on 11 / 12 Play Areas from Shropshire Council

·         Castle Street toilets refurbishment

·         The Linney Riverside Park boating

·         Provision of Hydrid / Electric Vehicles for Grounds Team


Ludlow Town Council
October 2021



2021 / 22 Budget Setting Consultation

The financial year April 2020 –March 2021 is halfway through.  Ludlow Town Council’s six-month review, in common with all other local authorities, tells a story of significant loss of income.

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