Repairing the ancient town wall at St Laurence’s churchyard

Ludlow Town Council and the Parish Church of St Laurence, Ludlow are pleased to share an update on the recent progress towards repairing the ancient town wall at St Laurence’s churchyard.   Investigative works began on site in June 2019, and whilst the pandemic temporarily delayed the project for a few months in 2020, the initial stages of the project including the Ecological Surveys, Vegetation Clearance, Historic Desk Based Study and Measured Survey have now been completed.  


The next stage of the project involves coring into the wall, and invasive work of this nature required applications to Historic England for an Ancient Scheduled Monument Consent, and to the Diocese of Hereford for a Faculty Consent.  The final consent was granted in mid-June 2021, and the lead contractor has since assessed the working practices required by both consents, and is in the process of liaising with the specialist companies who will install the scaffolding for the site investigations, cores into the walls, and materials testing.  The churchyard is a graveyard, and the consents also require archaeological monitoring of the coring work.   Further updates will be provided in due course.

July 13th 2021

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