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Looking Forward into 2021 22

Ludlow Town Council has agreed its budget for 2021 / 22.   No organisation is free from the financial effects of the pandemic, and up to the end of March 2021, it is estimated that Ludlow Town Council will lose in the region of £173,700.00, which is primarily from loss of fees from the market, street trading, public toilets, and Ludlow Museum at the Buttercross. 

Mayor of Ludlow, Councillor Tom Gill said, ’During 2020, Ludlow Town Council published a commitment to be mindful of the local economic impact of Covid-19 when setting its budget, to set a sustainable budget, and to safeguard local services.

The Town Council has taken a hard look at its running costs and reserves, and agreed a budget figure that means a weekly increase of just 20p on Band D Council Tax.   This is an annual increase of £10.37 per band D household.’

Town clerk, Gina Wilding said, ‘During 2020, the Town Council found ways to deliver things differently.  We really enjoyed working on the video celebrating Ludlow’s magical sparkle at Christmas and delivering the goodie bags to Senior Citizens in Ludlow.  Ludlow Town Council has a strong commitment to delivering community focused cost effective local services.’

Other local services run by the town council include Ludlow’s public toilets at Castle Street, Smithfield and The Linney, Henley Road Cemetery, children’s play areas and open spaces at Wheeler Road, Houseman Crescent at the Linney Riverside Park.  Small grants of up to £300 are available for local community groups from the Town Council and application forms and criteria can be found at https://www.ludlow.gov.uk/your-council/services-we-provide/grants or call 01584 871 970.

Ludlow market continues to trade in a reduced way, and it is hoped it will recover to its normal size later in 2021.  Ludlow Museum at the Buttercross secured grant funding to improve its online presence.  Staff are currently working on this project, and the improvements will have long term benefit for the future of the museum in Ludlow.   

The Town Council’s public meetings have been taking place online since April 2020, and this is set to continue well into 2021, details of meetings are available on the town council’s website www.ludlow.gov.uk   The council launched a new website in 2020, and upgraded its phone system to cope with the new demands of remote working.  The town council’s prior commitment to digital documentation greatly helped the switch to home working.   

Ludlow Town Council is currently focusing on what it needs to do to continue meeting the needs of the local community.  The Town Council is committed to investing in local services and infrastructure.  In 2021 / 22, the Town Council will put up another new bus shelter in consultation with local residents.   The council will survey all the trees on its land.   It will continue the investigation works to the Town Wall at St Laurence’s Churchyard, and work with Connexus to the create a Town Green at Sidney Road, and the Council also hopes to will begin the development work at Henley Road Cemetery.   The Town Council is also exploring the possible funding opportunities for electric vehicle charging points in Ludlow; and it has recently encouraged local police to do more to help deter speeding, and related anti-social behaviour in Ludlow.

January 28th 2021

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