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Town Wall Statement

Shropshire Council took the emergency response lead at the time of the collapse.  A legal debate between Shropshire Council, the Town Council, and Parochial Church Council concerning liability commenced in 2015, and Ludlow Town Council agreed to lead those looking for a way of funding the necessary repairs to the collapsed section of the Ludlow Town Wall, next to the Garden of Rest. 

It was recognised that this would be a large project, involving commissioning and agreeing a full specification for the repair works contract, working out an accurate estimate of the likely cost of those works and getting all of the necessary permissions. The wall is owned by St Laurence Parochial Parish Church (PCC). Ludlow Town Council looked to Shropshire Council and St Laurence’s Parochial Church Council to do whatever they can in support of the project.

Early in 2016, the first meeting between Ludlow Town Council and the Parochial Church Council liaison group had taken place, and project stages were agreed in outline; and discussions with statutory bodies were begun.

In 2017, the tenders for the preliminary works were undertaken and the cost for the preliminary works was £38,550.  The town council made an application for borrowing to the Secretary of State’s office, which was approved in 2019.  The preliminary works required a Faculty, and Scheduled Monument consent and the works were delayed by the pandemic.

The detailed report and recommendations for the final stage repair works was presented to the town council’s legal advisors in 2022.   It is estimated that the cost of the repair works will exceed three million pounds.  Ludlow Town Council is researching all available information to seek further advice from a barrister.   We are aware of the concerns of the people of Ludlow but until our legal team is in a position to advise us further, we cannot issue anything further.

January 24th 2024

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