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Co-option in 2021


On 6th May 2021, twelve out of fifteen councillors were elected to Ludlow Town Council.  Your councillors represent the seven wards of Ludlow.  Please check out www.ludlow.gov.uk  to see a ward map showing where the seven areas are located.

The council term runs for four years from 2021.   You can find out how to contact your councillor at https://www.ludlow.gov.uk/your-council/councillors Ward councillors are as follows in Bringewood Ward – Councillors Jones & Tapley; in Corve Ward - Councillors Ginger & Pote; in Gallows Bank Ward- Councillors Boddington, Parry & Perks; in Hayton Ward - Councillor Garner; in Rockspring Ward - Councillors Lyle & O’Neill; in Whitcliffe Ward - Councillors Cllrs Gil & Adams.


There are two vacancies in Clee View ward, and one vacancy in Hayton Ward.  Following the election, Ludlow Town Council is permitted to co-opt councillors if it chooses.   Find more info about co-option at:  https://www.ludlow.gov.uk/becoming-a-councillor 

Who is eligible to become a Councillor? 

  • 18 years or over.
  •  British Citizen, or a citizen of the Commonwealth.
  • Within the prior twelve months, you must have lived or your main work be within    the parish, or lived within three miles of the parish.
  • Don’t work for the Council who you wish to be Councillor for.
  • Don’t work on a politically restrictive post.
  • Are not subject to a bankruptcy restriction order.
  • Have not served a prison sentence of three months or more within a five year period of the election.
  • Have not been disqualified under any legislation relating to corruption or illegal practices.

Why become a councillor?  Councils can engage in community consultation and as a councillor you can help to strengthen people’s sense of purpose and belonging in the community.

The results of community consultation help you to:

•        speak on behalf of your community with greater confidence especially in discussions with principal authorities

•        provide services and facilities, especially where there is no other provider.

•        support community action and services provided by others.

•        work in partnership with community groups, voluntary organisations and other local authorities, to benefit the community.

Ludlow Museum at the Buttercross will open 21 June 20201.

May 18th 2021

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