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Budget Setting for 2021 2022

Budget Setting Consultation April 2021 – March 2022 

The financial year April 2020 to March 2021 is halfway through.  Ludlow Town Council’s six-month review, in common with all other local authorities, tells a story of significant loss of income.

The Impact of Covid-19 in 2020 / 2021

Ludlow Town Council’s £920,582.00 expenditure budget consists of:
• a precept of £612,740.00 (a fixed amount received in April from the Council Tax)
• Expected income of £307,842 from fees.
Approximately one-third of the town council’s annual income is derived from fees.

At the six month point:
• expected income should be: £153,921.00
• actual income is: £55,256.00
6-month income deficit: £98,665.00

Projected 12-month income deficit: £137,000.00 [calculated before the second lockdown]

Breakdown of the £137,000 income deficit

Ludlow Market

Buttercross market pitch

Street Trading


Commercial Rent


Budget Underspends and Savings
Ludlow Town Council is currently reviewing the 2020 / 21 budget for underspends due to Covid-19 or other circumstances.

Underspends will be used to off-set the income deficit, increase earmarked and general reserves, reduce the precept

Financial Resilience - Reserves
In recent years, Ludlow Town Council has prudently built up its reserves to help plan for projects and maintenance of assets.

Ludlow Town Council currently has financial reserves of £752,367.00
Allocated to future projects, and asset and building maintenance £313,346.00General contingency reserve £439,021.00

Principles for a sustainable budget in 2021 /22 and beyond.
• To adopt the budget setting timetable
• To safeguard local services
• To be mindful of the severe local economic impact of Covid-19 when setting the precept
• To set a sustainable budget for 2021 /22
• To set a reasonable & workable timetable to facilitate the projects delayed in 2020 / 21
• To set a three-year budget trajectory for financial sustainability and resilience


Working During the Pandemic
Ludlow Town Council’s staff and councillors continued to work throughout the pandemic and made many necessary adaptions to service delivery.

Projects completed in 2020.
As well as delivering local services, the following projects have been completed.
• CCTV Phase I
• Bus shelter installed at Sheet Road
• New Website launched
• Repairs to the Buttercross
• Updating landline phone system to VOIP

Ongoing projects in 2020 / 21
• Staffing Structure Review
• CCTV Phase II
• Ludlow Town Walls
• Town Green

New Externally Funded Projects in 2020/21
• Ludlow Town Centre Recovery Fund – Love Ludlow
• Ludlow Museum at the Buttercross website presence

2020 Projects delayed by Covid-19
• The Linney Riverside Park boating; and development of a refreshment kiosk
• Extension of Henley Road Cemetery

Local Service Delivery during the Pandemic
Adaption has been the watchword of 2020. The key adaptions have been staff working from home, Zoom staff meetings, and socially distanced way outdoors working:

• Ludlow Market
24th March - 8th June 2020 - market closed. The market officer kept in touch with traders and helped by providing information for government grant applications.
8th June - market re-opened with 14 trading spaces
8th July 2020 - trading spaces increased to 30

• Ludlow Museum at the Buttercross
Closed 23rd March 2020
The museum remains closed due to restricted access. Staff have been using social media to keep in contact with the public, have secured £5,460.00 to improve the online presence of the museum, and have been liaising with partner organisations.

• First Virtual Committee Meeting
The government created legislation to permit council meetings to take place virtually on 4th April, and the town council held its first virtual meeting on 29th April 2020.

• Amenity Areas
Grounds work has continued throughout the pandemic. The initial emphasis was on maintaining the cemetery and then moving out into other areas as appropriate.

• Play Areas
The Linney, Wheeler Road, and Houseman play areas were closed on 23 march and re-opened on 11th July 2020. They remain open.
While the play areas were closed safety checks were carried out, and prior to re-opening signage was installed, and items such as swings removed to provide the space for social distancing.

• Public Toilets
The public toilets have remained open throughout the pandemic to support essential delivery and bus drivers.

• Burials
Following Covid-19 secure procedures, burials have continued to take place throughout the pandemic.

• Civic Events
Sadly all civic events have been canceled during the pandemic.

• Christmas Events
The Christmas lights and the tree are being put up using Covid-19 safe procedures.

• Remembrance Sunday
There will be a pre-recorded act of remembrance streamed by St Laurence’s Church on their website and Facebook.

November 8th 2020

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