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Become a Councillor

For more information on being a Councillor follow the link to the Good Councillor Guide

Why become a Councillor?

Are you interested in supporting Ludlow's local services? 

Please follow the link to find out the Local services run by Town Council

Please follow this link to find out about Ludlow Town Council's budget

Please click here to find out about the priority projects set at the beginning of the financial year 2019-20

 Would you like to help to help local people in the community?

Do you want to be a part of an organisation that represents your local community and be part of the collective voice for Ludlow?

Do you have professional, business or personal skills that could be beneficial for working in a team and that can help your local community?

As part of the Town Council you could make a difference. Standing for election as a local Councillor could bring you into a role that is both very challenging, and rewarding.

In order to achieve a successful Council it requires a team of Councillors with a wide range of skills, talents and interests who can best serve the local community as a whole.

Being a Councillor means you will be part of full council and committees that make a variety of decisions about local issues and help influence future development within the local area.

What is the role of a Councillor?

 All this requires hard work and dedication, however the role can be fulfilling and satisfying.

Who can become a Councillor?

 Almost everyone can become a Councillor as long as they:

How much time will I need?

Councillors have to be able to manage their time to be successful. Many Councillors have to manage a full time career along with their job as a Councillor. Many of the meetings set by the Council are in the evenings, however some are held during the working day. This means that the employer must have a good understanding of your role as a Councillor and your responsibilities that go along with it.

Your work as a Councillor will vary from anywhere between 3 hours a week to several hours a day. This will also depend on your role within the Council as those with an executive or a chairing role will have a greater work load.

 For more information on being a Councillor follow the link to the Good Councillor Guide