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Ludlow Town Council

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Council & Committees

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Full Council 

Cllr Gill

Cllr Pote

Cllrs Adams, Clarke, Cobley,  Garner, Ginger, Jones, Lyle, Naysmith, O'Neill, Parry, Perks, Sheward and Smithers. 

Policy & Finance Committee

Cllr Cobley


Cllrs Clarke, Garner, Gill, Ginger,  Lyle, O'Neill, Perks, Pote, Sheward, Smithers

Services Committee

Cllr Clarke

Cllr Perks

Cllrs Cobley, Garner, Gill, Ginger, Jones, Lyle,  O'Neill, Parry, Perks, Pote  and Smithers

Representational Committee

Cllr Ginger


 Cllr Sheward

Cllrs Clarke, Gill, Jones, Lyle, O'Neill, Parry,  Pote, Sheward


Staffing Committee

Cllr Lyle

Cllr Perks 

Cllrs Cobley, Garner, Gill, Ginger, Jones, Perks, Pote, Sheward and Smithers

Accounts Committee
The final meeting of the Accounts Committee was held on the 5th October 2011

Accounts Committee was disbanded in October 2011

 Policy & Finance Committee will take over all the financial aspects of their work

Members of Policy and Finance Committee will become signatories for the Council