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Ludlow Youth Festival


Youth Festival


Ludlow's annual Youth Festival will be taking place at Wheeler Road Skate Park on Saturday 31st August 2013 from 3-7pm. A 1.00 wrist band will give you Bouncy Castle, Bucking Bronco, Facepainting, BMX Competitions, Live Bands, Arts Activities, Football, Stocks and more.

Featuring live music from Fight the Bear.



Ludlow Youth Festival
29 June 2012
Wheeler Road Skate ParkYouth Festival 2012                



    SPILL - dance group

Marches Youth Festival Saturday 29th June 2012

Ludlow Youth Festival 2013 at Wheeler Road Skate Park

Ludlow Youth Festival 2011 - See the fun for yourself on YouTube

Ludlow Youth Festival 2010

 Check out youtube footage of 2010 Youth Festival!





youth festival

Youth Festival 2009 - 24th July 2010 - find out more