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 we are hereLOCAL & ACCESSIBLE
Ludlow Town Council is the most local and accessible tier of government. Residents can contact their councillor (Ludlow has 15 councillors serving 7 wards) about any issues relating to their wards (not sure which ward you're in? Follow this link)



The Guildhall, Mill Street, Ludlow SY8 1AZ is open to be public 9:30am - 4pm Mon - Fri.  

Please call in to the Guildhall for information regarding Ludlow General Markets, Specialist Markets, Street Trading and  Festivals.

Henley Road Cemetery, burial registers, Chapel and all other cemetery enquiries.

Project and Annual Support Grant application forms and criteria, these are also available on line.

Mayor's Charity Event tickets

We hold a selection of local information leaflets including the Ludlow Town Map, Calendar of Events brochure and Festival Flyers.


Lower Broad StreetLudlow Town Council works with community organisations to help sustain and improve the quality of life for all in Ludlow.   

Ludlow Town Council also connects with wider government by representing the views of Ludlow at Shropshire Council Local Joint Committee meetings
(Find out more about Local Joint Committee).

Councillors on Ludlow Town Council's Representational Committee comment on local planning applications (members of the public are able to express concerns or views on current applications at committee meetings) and consider applications for small grants to support local projects. Please follow the Representational Committee link to find out more.


Individual Councillors are involved in many spheres of Ludlow life as representatives on a number of local organisations - please look on the Community Representatives page for full details.


To work effectively Ludlow Town Council needs to hear from you!  We want to hear your views and concerns.  Ludlow is a wonderful place, and the people of Ludlow deserve the best possible future, so in the spirit the old adage, you only get out what you put in - work with us - tell us when we are doing things well, and let us know when things could be made better!

Please contact Gina Wilding, Town Clerk on 01584 871970 or via email: