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  H e n l e y   R o a d   C e m e t e r y


Henley Road Cemetery remains open for burials.   Graves may be visited if there is no funeral taking place.  People are not permitted to use this area for exercise, or to congregate. 



Henley Road Cemetery opened in 1914.  Hand written records are held at the Town Council offices and are available to view by request Mon-Fri  9:30-4pm.

The cemetery is made up of 17 areas, divided by paths, which include an area dedicated to Catholic burials, two cremated remains plots; and the Babies Memorial Area, which is commemorated by a hand carved stone memorial.  

In the centre of cemetery there is a beautiful Chapel, which is available for use during funerals. 
The exterior of the chapel is illuminated with twinkling commorative lights each Christmas. 

In order to preserve the kind of setting where the memory of loved ones can be treasured, everyone is asked to adhere to a few basic Cemetery Regulations.



For further information regarding hiring the chapel, purcasing a grave, erecting a memorial or locating an old family grave, please contact the Cemetery Officer by email admin2@ludlow.gov.uk  or 01584 871 970.

Continuing to serve the local community for many years to come:
Burials will soon be taking place on the grassed area by the car park - this will ensure that Ludlow Cemetery is available for the use of parishioners and non-parishioners for many years to come.

Please note that dogs are not permitted in the cemetery, and all areas will be used for burials in the near future , so please do not let your dog foul in the cemetery.                                                                                 


Henley Road Cemetry Leaflet now available

A leaflet has been created to help aid visitors to the cemtery in finding the correct grave, other facilities such as toiltes and taps, as well as providing useful information.

you can pick a leaflet up on site at Henley Road Cemetery or you can view an electronic version by clicking here