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Ludlow Town Council

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Services We Provide
for the Local Community


Ludlow Museum at the Buttercross is currently closed we are working on Covid-19 secure procedures.

Ludlow Museum at the Buttercross opened on 12 August 2016.  For more information follow this link


Ludlow Town Council is responsible for making land available, where practiable, for allotments. There are currently two allotment sites in Ludlow at Wigleys Field and Lower Mill Street. Details of membership (both have waiting lists) are available from Town Council offices at The Guildhall, Mill Street, Ludlow


Please note that our play areas at Housman Crescent, Wheeler Road and Linney Riverside Park are open from Saturday 11 July 2020.  Children and their guardians are required to follow Covid-19 secure procedures.  Click here for Play Area Covid-19 Secure guidelines.  

Amenity Areas
Twelve open spaces are provided and maintained by Ludlow Town Counci and the Council's Direct Labour Force. Major recreation areas include the Linney Riverside Park and Wheeler Road play area, football pitch and skate park . Both areas are currently subject of development programmes to improve the facilities availalble.


 Christmas Lights

Ludlow Town Centre Christmas lights are provided and put up each year by the Town Council. The lights are switched on by the Mayor at 5:00pm on the last Saturday in November. The lights were changed to low energy LED in 2010 and are being extended and improved each year. Visit Santa in his grotto between 2-4pm, music, entertainment,  performances by local choirs and more. This is a free event on Events Square (in front of Ludlow Castle) Following the town's light switch on the Ludlow Rotary Tree of Light in Castle Gardens is switched on following a Torch Lit Procession led by St. Laurences Church.

Civic Events

Mayor Making
Mayor's Sunday
Remembrance Sunday
Civic Regalia


Communication & Tourism Services

Town Council websites include:

Ludlow Town Council also produces a quaterley print & digitial newsletter, the Buttercross Bulletin -follow this link for current and archive copies


The Town Council publishes the Ludlow Calendar of Event each year




The Town Council is able to assist local organisations to contribute to community objectives by giving appropriate grants. Follow the 'Grants' link above to get a copy of the criteria and download an application form

H e n l e y  R o a d  C e m e t e r y,  L u d l o w


Henley Road Cemetery remains open for burials.   Graves may be visited if there is no funeral taking place.  People are not permitted to use this area for exercise, or to congregate. 

Ludlow Town Council is responsible for management of Henley Road Cemetery.
The cemetery dates from 1914 and public records are available on request .

The cemetery is open for new burials, although Councillors are currently considering a project to extend the area availalble for new graves because it already contains over 2000 burials and cremated remains. 
Leaflet now available click here to view it


Ludlow Town Council has kept the evolving Covid-19 situation under review, and has listened to advice from national organisations and local experts, and it is with much sadness that the decision has been made to close Ludlow’s 900 year old market and stop all trading with immediate effect.

Thank you to all the loyal customers and traders for their support in these difficult times. Ludlow has a very strong market tradition, and every year it is the local support that sees it through the winter to emerge into the spring.

There will be other years for the market to bloom, but for this season it will remain dormant.

Everyone needs to stay at home except for infrequent visits to shops for provisions, medical need, to exercise once a day, or to assist those who are vulnerable.

Lu d l o w M a r k e t is a thriving and popular venue for a variety of everyday goods, local produce, plants, books and antiques.

 Market Street Lights

Ludlow Town Council is responsible for the 13 street lights on the Market Square and Events Square outisde Ludlow Castle.

Faults can be reported on 01584 871970 or townclerk@ludlow.gov.uk

All other street lights in Ludlow are the responsibility of Shropshire Council -  0345 678 9000

Memorial Benches 

Ludlow Town Council receives occasional requests from families who would like to commemorate a loved ones in a practical and public way with a bench.  Benches also provide a service to the wider community offering a chance for rest, and if the location permits, quiet reflection.  

Memorial Bench Application Form

Planning Applications

Ludlow town Council is a statutory consultee on planning matters relating to Ludlow. The Town Council makes its views known to Shropshire Council, who are the authority responsible for granting or refusing planning applications and enforcing building control. Shropshire Council can be contacted on 0345 678 9000.


 Public Toilets

Castle Street, Smithfield, The Linney & Henley Road Cemetery

From 1 April 2011, Town Council has cleaned and maintained the public toilets at Castle Street Car Park, and Smithfield Car Park, Lower Galdeford, in Ludlow.

In addition to toilets provided at The Linney Riverside Park & Henley Road Cemetery.  As always it is our aim to provide a high quality service - please report any faults or problems on 01584 871970 or townclerk@ludlow.gov.uk


Street Trading


Please note that Street Trading is not currently taking place following Government instructions.

Ludlow Town Council is the street trading authority in Ludlow.

Click here for policy information, location of pitches and prices

Click here for an application form

ALUDLOW NOW …. LUDLOW NEXT …. click this link for more info

Ludlow’s residents and businesses are going to have the opportunity to shape the future of their town and have a say in how it operates for the next five years under the new Community-Led Plan!


Policy & Budgets

Creating Policy & Budgets for Council Services and listening to and representing the views of the local community. Including involvement with a wide range of local organisations, both by direct representation and by responding to consultation papers from Shropshire Council.

Town and Parish Councils  are legally entitled to take responsibility for a wide range of local services, although actual services provided are largely dependant on the size of the Town Council and budget available.